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"Let me know what your communication objectives are,
and I'll tell you how to get there... Right?"

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Have you clearly defined the main points of the "A Project?" section?


Yes? Then it is high time to specify the type of service you need...

Whether you are translating a commercial contract, the minutes of a corporate meeting, an internal newsletter, an advert for social networks/search engines/TV channels or a slogan for a point-of-sale marketing event, your expectations and requirements will be radically different in terms of objectives, financial commitment and even exposure in terms of corporate/brand image. Not to mention the strictly legal aspect of any communication campaign or project.

The services offered cover the full range of communication tools: web, print, TV, radio, etc.

My expertise will bring you the best of all these worlds...


Whether you "simply" need to translate a technical document or a sales report, or whether your needs relate to a campaign to launch a new product, a new version of a smartphone, or even the subtitling of a spot to be published on video platforms such as YouTube, or the production of messages and/or content in French to reach/develop/inform your network of leads/opportunities or even evangelists... my offer will be tailored to your constraints, objectives and desiderata.

Translation, localization, subtitling, SEO, transcreation, copywriting, cultural advice are all part of your communication and brand strategy.  Learn more

Finally, beyond the initial service, the concept of proofreading can be of great importance.

Essential to any translation, localisation, transcreation or copywriting project, this quality control stage should be carried out after each initial translation or marketing writing stage and involves a second look at the first proposed version. It ensures that no important element of the communication plan has been forgotten, misinterpreted, erroneous or distorted.


Because no one is infallible

We can distinguish three types of proofreadingeach corresponding to a very different exercise for translators:

1. Formal proofreading, or corrective proofreading, consists of correcting spelling, grammar and typo errors, making sure that no sentences or paragraphs are missing, and that dates and proper names are correct. 

This is of course part of my standard service.

My translation tool, SDL trados Studio 2021, also includes a Quality Assurance programme that checks these different points throughout the translation process and then in a final check.

2. Semantic proofreading involves a second translator, usually more senior than the first. He or she will ensure that the first translator has fully understood the source text.

This type of proofreading is very time consuming. It is primarily a comparative examination of the source and target texts. The choice of semantic proofreader is therefore very important.

This service is charged in addition to the standard rate. 

3. Stylistic proofreading is about making the original translation more elegant, flowing and sometimes more accurate. Once again, the choice of the stylistic proofreader is key.

This service, which is available at an extra fee, is to be preferred when the form is crucial. This is especially the case for transcreation and copywriting projects.

Fine... And what about Translation, Localisation,

Transcreation and Copywriting when all is said and done?

In short? => In a nutshell

You need more information? This way :)

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