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A project?

A translation, no matter how short it is, remains a project.


You are looking for a partner who can support you and convey a message that is important to you? 

Or perhaps you're simply looking for a way to make content in English, Spanish or French meaningful to a French-speaking target audience?

Then you've come to the right place...

Below are the main key points to consider before embarking on a new project.

The five project scoping points below are the minimum information required to assess your needs in terms of type of service, objectives, constraints and timeframe:

1.    Specify the source and target languages, the target audience [age group, links with the client (prospects, internal decision-makers, social       networks, etc.)], the specific constraints (language register, keywords to be used/avoided, room for adaptation of the source message/target French-speaking audience, etc.) and the general and more specific context of the Translation, Localisation, Transcreation or Copywriting project.

2.     ​​​Have access to an authentic copy of the file to be translated, i.e. identical in form and content to the original

o   and specify the expected target format of the project

3.     Define the appropriate level of service (see Service Offer)

o Standard translation

o Localisation

o Transcreation

o Copywriting

o Formal, semantic or stylistic revision

4.    Define the timeframe for delivery from the date the order is fully confirmed (and all useful and necessary documents for the project are provided) and indicate any possible flexibility.

5.    Clarify whether a terminology resource is available and/or whether translation-related resources will be provided with the file to be translated in order to better grasp the requirements, context and peculiarities.

Once these details have been clarified, you will receive a proposal

"at the fairest" within a maximum of two working days


For more details, check out the FAQ page


Contact me using the form below

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76160 Fontaine-sous-Préaux, France

00 33 7 55 63 78 61

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