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From translation to copywriting

Translation, I know what it is all about...

But localisation, what does it stand for?

And transcreation, what is that?

Copywriting? Explanations...

  • Translation is the process of converting a message from an original language (the source language) into a target language. It is the core of any project involving translation from one language to another. A good translator must have an excellent command of both the source language (the language of the original text) and the target language. The target language must necessarily correspond to the translator's mother tongue(s).

  • Localisation goes beyond translation. It includes a cultural component. It is a translation tailored to each region in order to generate more interest, identification and engagement from readers and potential clients. This means taking into account the specific vocabulary and expressions of a particular region or country and adapting some features such as currency, dates, times, units of measurement and even the choice of certain colours or references to local or national holidays.

  • Transcreation, on the other hand, can be defined as a "creative translation" in which the message is transposed from one language to another and more specifically, from one target market and audience to a different one, in order to preserve the style, nuances, any play on words and intentions, but above all the scope and impact. Beyond words, transcreation conveys more abstract elements into another language, such as ideas, concepts, collective narratives specific to each country, a sense of humour well rooted in a target culture, etc. It presupposes a greater freedom of interpretation in relation to the source message, the main objective being to maintain the desired influence or action on the audience. Transcreation is perfectly suited to international advertising projects.

  • Copywriting starts with a blank page - Cursed be leucoselidophobia!  Or blank page syndrome :-) - It starts with a more or less binding script with regard to the number of characters, the need to use key words, the important points or data to be included, the target audience to be addressed, the nature of the call to action, etc. The copywriter, also known as an 'ad writer', is primarily focused on providing the reader with a compelling and unique user experience through proven techniques and with the clear goal of, if not selling, then at least inducing an action or engagement. Copywriting is also about writing or creating blog posts, newsletters, email campaigns, website pages, landing pages, videos, podcasts and much more... Here the content can be more informative, but the end goal remains to engage the leads in the near future.

You now have a good understanding of the key differences between translation, localisation, transcreation and copywriting, as well as a deeper insight into the different contexts in which they can be used and what each of these services can do for you... Don't you?


Then, time to contact me

It's all good? Great! So let's take a look at another aspect that is directly related to these linguistic - and creative - services. This corresponds to the final level of quality you are aiming for. In fact, this will depend to a large extent on the proofreading option you will opt for and which will be carried out by another specialist translator.

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