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Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Feel free to contact me for any other questions

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I accept  the most common formats...

Starting with Office and including editing/layout software for text & image files and website templates. In any case, I will let you know at the very beginning of our discussion what my position is regarding the material to be translated. If it is necessary to adjust/correct/substantially modify the final version to match the formatting of the original file, additional fees may apply.

No, for a "Standard" translation project, I am the sole pilot and, in addition to the initial translation and then the comparative proofreading between the source and target languages, I obviously perform a final, purely French-style, proofreading to ensure that the French version is correct (language level, grammar, syntax, tense, etc.), consistent and fluent.

Proofreading by another translator is subject to a specific request at a different rate compared to the standard rate. Proofreading can be partial or comprehensive, based on a pre-defined percentage, targeted or not (revision in relation to the source text or proofreading without reference to the source text).

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