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My background

What is that little extra that makes my offer of services different?

Nothing less than twenty-five years in the international trading, the (buzz) marketing and the supply chain fields, including too the teaching of foreign languages (English and Spanish) as well as French as a Foreign Language and themes applied to international trade and commerce.

I hold a university degree (Master's degree) in both foreign languages (technical translations) and international business and I followed, fifteen years after completing my initial studies, a specialization degree in Supply Chain Management, at an engineering school.

Fluent in English and Spanish as my almost adoptive languages, both written and spoken, I also like to venture into some other languages whose sounds and expressions I do appreciate: Portuguese, Italian and Turkish. I have had the chance of staying from several months to several years in England, Spain, South America (mainly Ecuador and surrounding countries) and Italy; to name but a few.


During all these wonderful years, I have worked in stimulating environments because intercultural, technical, varied and demanding. I have worked on technical and commercial translations and, unfortunately, more rarely on literary content, and have had the opportunity to work as an interpreter in simultaneous translation from Spanish to French, and consecutive translation between Spanish and French.

As working alone is not an option in this profession, I am surrounded by a network of fellow translators with whom synergies are in place, enabling me to offer you the level of quality and responsiveness  that you are entitled to expect from me.

I am a curious and open-minded person, and I systematically study the feasibility of a request, in all its aspects and constraints, before committing myself.

Commitment to results makes it key.

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Rouen in few ... photos

Rouen impressionist

Le gros horloge - Centre historique - Rouen
Maisons à colombages - Centre historique médiéval - Rouen
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen
Façade Cathédrale de Rouen - Normandie impressionniste
Le vieux bassin - Port de Honfleur - Estuaire de la Seine
Étretat - Arche et aiguille
Claude Monet - Impression, soleil levant - Port de Le Havre
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