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Service Delivery Terms,
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  • Offer of translation & transcreation services from English and Spanish, indiscriminately, into my native language - French (from France) - plus SEO projects for French-speaking audiences, copywriting for the French market + cultural consultation.

  • Initial higher education in translation and international trade, then in Supply Chain Management.

  • Over twenty-five years in international marketing, sales and technical environments.

  • On average, and without using the services of other professional translators, my daily translation capacity is approximately 2,400 words, or about nine standard A4 pages. Depending on the size of the project and the deadline, this capacity can be increased by integrating other pre-selected translators into the project - subject to prior notice and written agreement with the client. For all transcreation or copywriting projects, this capacity is based on a number of hours, i.e. an average of eight hours per day, with the possibility of increasing the number of working hours per day if required.

  • All common formats are accepted and the French version will be delivered in its original configuration. On a case-by-case basis, an additional formatting/layout fee may be charged to guarantee the consistency and layout of the final document.

  • The "standard" translation service offer does not include proofreading by a second translator. This service (semantic and/or stylistic proofreading) is available on request.

  • Billing is by default based on the number of words in the original text. For specific projects such as transcreation, copywriting, SEO etc., billing is based on an hourly rate. At the start of each project, the client is given an estimate of the number of hours that the project will require, with a specified plus or minus margin. If during the life of a project it appears that the maximum number of hours agreed at the inception of the project will be exceeded, prior agreement from the client will be required before going further with the project.

  • Where necessary, I use a professional translation software (CAT) with a Quality Assurance tool that guarantees the integrity of the final translation - i.e. SDL Trados Studio 2021.

  • I mainly work on marketing, advertising, sales and communications materials, as well as more technical content (business, economics, industry and technology, etc.). But I am not averse to a bit of literature :-)

  • I work with all sorts of companies, from the largest to the smallest, some in France, but mainly in the EU and worldwide.

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