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Are you ready for a cyber attack?

How cybersecurity developers get incited to sell us cyber-magic – Power and limit of a mistreated copywriting…

Ready for a cyber attack? Security-IT-Copywriting-post-translation-france-french
Copywriting is a kind of jack-of-all-trades in both form and content

Paranoic, me?! I don’t think so, no way…

But it seems we are all cyberattack potential targets, or at least, a malicious malware_phishing_ ransomware…

Even aliens don’t dare open their mails on undated screens more than 30 kilograms and prefer going back to post-stamps. What a crack!

Irrecoverable cutie! The tablet we offered her a few years ago is to be fished among antiques, covered with books and worn-out rags. Being rather frightened, I would have to be done with this! Phone salespeople who crave to sell her a vacuum cleaner risk being hung-up on politely after receiving the first well-convincing words with the absence of friendly attitude.

Despite sales transactions are not mishandled, sales courtesy has to be well-considered.

And she is quite right, all in all. The reality is still very alarming, despite all the efforts and awareness campaigns that have been carried out over the last few years by public authorities and businesses specialised in cybersecurity and IT security:

54% of French companies were hacked in 2021, causing an average loss of 27% of the annual business and in many cases, leading

cyber-security-world & France-ransomware-target-countries-2022-Source Sophos
Cyber security: more critical than ever

to mere (and clear-cut) bankruptcy within the upcoming few months or years. As for them, ransom attacks have increased by 255% in 2020 versus 2019. Without talking about Covid and remote work carried out whenever possible, as a consequence 47% of remote workers are exposed to risky phishing attempts.

Cybersecurity! What is it all about?

Generally speaking, it is about risks related to digital technology. It may be defined as an operational risk in regard to confidentiality, integrity or availability of data and information systems.

Amazingly, cybersecurity is effective, and cyberattacks are, in general, functioning better with SMEs that are often not prepared to encounter these "novel", targeting and probably devastating threats.

These cyberattacks quite often mean loss of business figures due to the incapability of a business to operate on a regular basis within a certain lapse of time - or lead to ransom demands. This takes place to resume businesses activity or even mean identity usurpation that would compel you to share your personal and/or confidential information in a twisted and dishonest fashion (i.e. phishing) etc.

Enterprises specialized in this field are, today more than ever, being listened to and even tempted by cohorts scared by all the potentially vulnerable gates that would give access to their know-how, their resources, their data and even their finances. These expert enterprises are viewed as prodigies, providence keepers.

Imagine for a moment, that you would be behind your screen with the antitrusion protection system amongst the highest tech products in the markets, with hundreds of engineers, experts and super-geeks in cybersecurity unceasingly do updating, tests, and

No one is completely protected on the Internet. cyber-security-solution-protection-copywriting
No one is ever perfectly safe online

upgrades everywhere in the world. Your app would be continuously scanned and the cyber protection software package would be equipped with a high level of Artificial Intelligence that would not slow down the response of your PC by more than one hundredth of a second.

Sleep well! Your secrets are kept in a closet.

For this issue the solution would be somehow straight and intense. Don't brag about it so much not to be at an ease with it. The enemy is still at an alert, ready to spring over you, to be swallowed up in a crevice making a global system of network protection, your data-bunker.

Have you really done your everlasting choice of your rescuer and effective organizer?

In fact, one does not choose their web, network and IS protection solution provider just like when one chooses a stretch film provider, for instance. What makes all commercial feat are packaging, pricing, and suggested assistance. Don't gain economy out of a systematic verification of the entrepreneurial values and culture through their certifications, key norms and indicators of performance (KPIs), their past and future investments, their financial stability, their long-term strategies, their credibility with social media and last but not least, their commercialization means to guarantee customer satisfaction, like, for example, Tor Security.

For the invulnerable utopian web provider, the temptation will be much less complex than for a door-to-door carpet salesman. The latter will focus on penetration, or even the credulity on future victims. On contrast, the chosen web providers in the future will be related to your own security and will have to be supported by proof that:

  • you are threatened (this will make everyone knows on our level)

  • you will be offered a formula satisfying your specific need (personalized offer)

  • you will feel much better since you are really protected

  • the solution will have to be put in order right now because the danger is very tangible and, borne with luck, an exceptional offer is waiting for you.

Easy task, because no need for much support when we click on "fear", "emotions" or " concerns": the leads are ripe and harvest can be reaped.

With using some influential images, significant figures, contrastive graphics and pertinent key words, one drives toward controlled speed to the sensible touchy cord - vulnerable would I say - of one's audience. One must reassure to them that they are not the only one in this delicate position, and that others have their steps already secured and that they are doing better today with their spirit of peacefulness, being on the safe side.

Customer testimonials speak for themselves and for the efforts exerted by the cybersecurity experts, so your networks are protected like your data and your know-how. Hacking wares like malware, phishing or ransomware are now discarded from your device.

Cyber-attacks can ruin your business. How well prepared are you? customers testimonials cyber attacks copywriting
How can you recover from a ransomware attack?

Even your remote employees or those in offices cannot be fooled. The system with Artificial Intelligence will protect them, though.

Your contact is now persuaded. It has even been converted into a golden opportunity in the acquisition funnel. You just need to show them the way to follow, to be in their company until the last meter so that they can be a potential customer, by boosting it into an action, toward a small link just HERE, that will allow for "Further information" or elsewhere, "Join the distinguished of the community".

The sales tunnel is now almost done by now. As a copywriter, you are aware that your lead envisions the right path to the end of this unusual but fascinating tunnel where they are delved into.

They will obviously turn out to be changed, drafted into an almost superhero… and more vigorous, too, obviously. It will come out of you, invulnerable? Exclusively, but let's be honest, the conversion funnel is beneficial, but to a limit as well.

Write to sell but don't fancy about it. The wise-oriented language must be crucially managed. Copywriting techniques exist, key leading forces, but what comes before all it's you, your capability of targeting leads that would convert hanging messages, from A to Z.

This can be done by making prospective clients aware of the urgent need of clicking on a button to start the operation and a communication that will allow to:

  • refer to a sales page, an online shop

  • download a white book

  • find out about a product record

  • fill in an application form

  • subscribe to a newsletter

  • subscribe for a free trial or demo etc...

Keep readers in suspense, arouse and increase their interest and curiosity, tempt them, persuade them, and boost them into an action...

With this key you will get a great deal out of conversion funnels... A seizable opportunity of unceasable Euros

A detailed storytelling based on a Persona highly caliber, within the hands of creative copywriter who abides by at least the definitive functioning skeleton... So the text comes to life. Swiss knife genesis.

But copywriting is not only about conveying messages that would invariably get oriented toward a CTA (Call To Action). Copywriting is about writing percussive and persuading content with the purpose of creating an intense emotion toward receivers to incite an action. But it is also concerned with writing blog articles, newsletters, email campaigns, websites, landing pages, videos, podcasts and much more...

Copywriting has some distant "first" cousins...

Actually, there are some similarities between Copywriting and Localization_Transcreation projects. But there are some fundamental differences too.

In fact, unlike Localization (adapt translation in each region to produce advantageous interest and communication to prospects) and Transcreation (creative translation in which a message is converted from one language to another but with a target market, key styles, nuances, wording juxtapositions and intentions but especially for significance and impact), Copywriting is supposed to come out from a blank page, supported by a script at least laden in terms of number of characters, keywords usage, important points to be retaken, integrating data, target audience approach, Call-To-Action typology etc...

But marketing writing for global market, can and must sometimes substitute all translation, localization and transcreation attempts from source text in a foreign language.

Translation, or rather, "transcreation" of certain messages perfectly axed on a source language & culture is not always a possible solution neither the best option.

By invigorating a passage from one language and culture to another, a translator may get confronted (if not lost) by an extremely complex situation, which can result in a content eventually missing flexibility, sense and more seriousness, an impact.

All in all, we cannot deinvest in a well-thought and relevant SEO strategy, to search for an attractive and captivating heading and then to make a credible and realistic pledge that goes beyond, and not to find a magic formula that will finalize all objections. We have to summon our audience's sense of objection, solicit the imagination of our doees who will be invited to project, i.e. to imagine the promised land. To display the main aspects of the prospect benefits, to propose data figures including scientific validation and client testimonials if possible.

Indeed, thanks to KISS and AIDA and all others. Thanks for always bringing us back to certain pitfalls that sleek when conventional copywriters still suggest this type of message to us today: "Our cloud technology is completely certified and conforms to the norms of the most restrictive security".

A message emerges out of a dull and gloomy panorama, contrasting with a preserved and bright copywriting...

But can we truly enhance these formulations through translation if they are so

Copywriting is not something you can improvise. It requires specific predispositions, or else it is a recipe for disaster. obsolete-vision-approach-copywriting-solution
Limits of translation - Transcreation option - Copywriting solution?

dramatically obsolete and ordinary? In a positive sense, how do we pass over and evade this formula, rather than to use it in its entirety?

Perhaps this is what makes the magically creative copywriter.

In fact, copywriting is an extremely efficient weapon allowing to pass any message from anywhere, to anybody.

Well, wouldn’t we be defining disinformation (!?)

The frontiers can be a little bit blurry for some copywriters a little bit inspirational, unrecommended and mis (in-)formed.

Today, selling a dream, illusionary, false, remains against any expectations, easier than ever. But very quickly, social networks, online media, Google and other monsters of that sort will

You can't cheat with Web 3.0 - Copywriting has its limits as Internet users are getting more savvy and aware. Truth is the key to longevity.
Everything (or almost everything) can be said and done on the Internet. But nothing is permanent.

blacklist you, will hack you literally on the web or even they will be wiping you off the famous canvas.

Pay much attention, you are being watched, obliviously. You are under surveillance by an army of lookouts whose majority is on a voluntary basis, sited everywhere on the internet.

Almost all can be said on the canvas, but not everything is permissible.

Dishonest vendors do not resist assaults from moderators, vindicators, concealed mongers of web 3.0… for long.


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